PARS, Hester Aardse and Astrid Alben (eds.)

Atlas of Creative Thinking

"Findings on" Package

Initiated by the Pars Foundation (aka Astrid Alben & Hester Aardse), the Atlas of Creative Thinking is a multidisciplinary approach to fundamental subjects of everyday life. Each issue deals with a single core theme that bears relevance to a multitude of creative research practices. Based on the idea that creativity and curiosity are fundamental to both art and science, the books are a fascinating collection of research and art work, complemented with stunning photography.

Let yourself be inspired! This package includes the complete Atlas of Creative Thinking with Findings on Ice (2007), Findings on Elasticity (2010) and Findings on Light (2016) at the special price of 70 €.

Edited by PARS, Hester Aardse and Astrid Alben
Design: Joost Grootens

20 × 27 cm, 7 ¾ × 10 ½ in
606 pages, 436 illustrations
3 books (softcover)
2021, Atlas of Creative Thinking,
70,00 €