Jasper Morrison

A World Without Words

What feeds the inspiration of the designer? Observation. In Jasper Morrison’s col-lection of pictures, the icons of design history meet up with the unassuming objects of everyday life, and curious findings with the archetypes of modernism. Every picture tells a story and creates a new one in juxtaposition with its neighbor – without words, in the language of form. Morrison responds to the arbitrariness of form with simplicity and complexity, poetry and humor in a repertoire of compelling designs. “a world without words” is a school of seeing that addresses designers and consumers alike, who wish to explore the -universe of goods.

Author(s): Jasper Morrison
Design: Anthony Arefin

10,8 x 15,4 cm, 4 ¼ x 6 in
112 pages, 104 illustrations
2012, 978-3-03778-207-1, English
18,00 €