Hans Knuchel, Jürg Nänni


Dieses Buch ist eine Schaukel/This Book is a Seesaw. Optische Täuschungen

This publication surpasses any idea of what a book in its most extreme form can be: Here we blink, watch in low light, look with our eyes closed. The book is shaken, turned or touched with the nose. Some pictures have to be viewed with the help of tools. Seesaw presents a total of 24 phenomena such as "afterimage", "neon effect", "bezold effect", "random dot stereo" and "fluttering hearts". Seesaw does not fake magic, each phenomenon is explained in the appendix in an easily understandable way.

This book is a seesaw; it will not work without players.

Author(s): Hans Knuchel, Jürg Nänni
With photographs by Hans Knuchel

24 x 30 cm
64 pages
1996, 978-3-906700-73-1, German
Out of Print