László Moholy-Nagy

Having embarked on a law degree in Budapest, in 1918 László Moholy-Nagy broke off his studies and two years later moved to Berlin. Here he forged contacts with German
artists and in 1922 had his first solo show in Herwarth Walden’s gallery Der Sturm. One year later Moholy-Nagy was appointed to the Weimar State Bauhaus, where he focused on typography and experimental film, among other things. He became joint editor, with Walter Gropius, of the bauhaus journal as well as the Bauhausbücher series of books. In 1928 he left the Bauhaus and founded his own studio for typography and photomontage in Berlin. He designed stage sets, including for Erwin Piscator’s theater. In 1933 he attended the 4th CIAM conference in Athens, before emigrating in 1934 first to Amsterdam and later to London. In 1937 he became director of the New Bauhaus in Chicago, which was later renamed School of Design. Moholy-Nagy remained in Chicago up to his death in 1946 and continued working as a freelance artist and designer.