Pierre Mendell

At first sight

Everyday Graphic Design

The design of Pierre Mendell (1929–2008) is characterised by elements which are missing in large part of contemporary graphic design: pithy impact, communicative force, poetry and humour. The unfailing topicality and importance of his work shows that visual communication based on idea and context is more durable than those subject to the dictates of electronics. Mendell’s cultural posters and corporate design programs are timelessly contemporary and modern. The publication aims to encourage designers to trust in the power of the idea and of simple forms and to see their work as cultural expression of the wider society.

This book is also available in German

Author(s): Pierre Mendell
With photographs by Pierre Mendell

24 x 30 cm, 9 x 11 ¾ in
200 pages, ca 160 illustrations
2001, 978-3-907044-49-0, English
24,00 €
30,00 €