Lars Müller (ed.)

Felice Varini

Points de vue

Felice Varini has been exploring architectural space with his painting for over twenty years. His sensitive interventions have fascinated observers all over the world, as his work makes seeing into a real experience. Varini takes enclosed spaces or the urban environment and arranges lines in them whose formal organization is not clear at first glance. Then, all of a sudden, a figure is revealed to the viewer at a single point, the “point of view”. If viewers leave the invisible co-ordinates of the point of view, the ostensible order is broken again.
This publication brings all the major works together, along with an essay by the art historian Fabiola Lopez, who explains Varini’s approach and places it in art-historical terms.

Author(s): Felice Varini
Edited by Lars Müller
With a contribution by Fabiola Lopez
Design: Integral Lars Müller

16,5 x 24 cm, 6 ½ x 9 ½ in
304 pages, 399 illustrations
2004, 978-3-03778-023-7, French
200,00 €