Elisava, Design2context (eds.)

Design in Question

In 2009, Ruedi Baur, Design2context, and the renowned Elisava School of Design in Barcelona launched a call for “Questions on Design” in order to create a typographical wall in the entrance area of Elisava. About a hundred persons from all over the world, designers as well as students, took part in the exercise. As of today, more than 700 questions have been gathered and put onto the wall. Among them, Vera Kockot and Ruedi Baur have selected the wittiest questions for this publication. They scrutinize different facets of design which are currently relevant in diverse fields, such as the natural sciences and society as a whole. A text explains the idea and the realization of the project.

Edited by Elisava, Design2context
Design: Integral Ruedi Baur

7,4 x 10,5 cm, 3 x 4 in
384 pages, 15 illustrations
2012, 978-3-03778-280-4, English
16,00 €
20,00 €