Christian Moeller

Christian Moeller (*1959) is a German-born sculptor and installation artist. He grew up in Frankfurt am Main, where he lived and worked until he moved to the United States in 2001. As a pioneer in his field, Moeller first gained widespread recognition in the 1990s working with electronic media technologies. His light installations and sound sculptures, which change in “real time,” have won him an international reputation. Over the past two decades he has been increasingly focused on the field of public art. He consistently seeks to present his audience with forms that are open to multiple readings, and moreover readings that can suddenly flip. Underlying his work’s broad-based appeal to civic celebration is a subtle criticality directed toward constraining political forces. Moeller taught as a professor at the State College of Design in Karlsruhe, Germany, until he joined the department of Design Media Arts at UCLA in 2001. He operates his studio in Downtown Los Angeles.