Carl Theodor Sørensen

Carl Theodor Sørensen (1893–1979) was a trained gardnener who, from the 1920s onwards, worked as a self-employed landscape architect, designing gardens for single-family houses, open spaces for housing estates, parks for the large residential areas in the new Copenhagen and carefully restoring the palace gardens of the Egeskov and Clausholm castles. From 1940 he was a lecturer and from 1956 to 1963 a professor at the Royal Danish Academy as well as head of the Gentofle Horticultural Department from 1956 to 1963. Some of his projects, such as the round allotments in Nærum or the geometric gardens in Herning, became icons of modern garden art. He is the author of many gardening books. His name also became popular during the 1930s as the inventor of construction and junk playgrounds like the one in Emdrup, which spread over Europe as adventure playgrounds. Like the multitude of other realized projects, it emerged from the special sensitivity with which C. Th. Sørensen treated and interpreted people, places and his time through his work.