What others say about us

For our directory 2020/2021, we asked colleagues and partners for a short statement on our programme – and we are very proud of the positive reviews and comments we received in return. Please see what others say about Lars Müller Publishers below.

Lars Müller’s catalogue is a cross section of architectural time, from cutting-edge thought about present and looming future challenges, alongside key historical documents for our ongoing appraisal of the legacies and stakes of modernity. Few publishers take such risks and offer such challenging and pertinent books, books which generate even as they register the intellectual horizons of design.

Barry Bergdoll, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History, Columbia University

Lars Müller Publishers comes out with a unique program each year, dedicated both to the past, with reprints of seminal publications that are no longer available, and to the future of the arts, daring to bring out the groundbreaking texts of our day. That is Lars Müller’s signal achievement.

Peter Weibel, Director and CEO, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Lars Müller is the couturier among publishers. Every book from his publishing house is distinguished by a form that is custom-made for its content. And yet one can still recognize a coherent line and attitude, both in terms of design and choice of themes. Lars Müller has developed his independent publishing house into a strong brand that inspires blind faith on the part of buyers and readers.

Nils Becker, Founder, Architonic

From art to architecture, from culture to environment, a browse through the Lars Müller catalogue always yields something inspiring and unexpected.

Mohsen Mostafavi, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Lars Müller is a great publisher whose design and ecological ethics have created some of the most relevant books of the last 40 years. Lars listens to creative minds and interprets their ideas with individually designed books that conform to the author’s or artist’s intention. As an educator and publisher, Lars informs us to step softly on the planet.

William Stout, William Stout Architectural Books, San Francisco

When I look for the best architecture books, my favorites always come from Lars Müller. His books are exemplary in form and substance and are thought out intelligently, with love and good taste.

Miquel Adrià, Publisher, Arquine

Deep moral convictions, a passion for archives, and a curiosity about the world make Lars Müller Publishers a model of editorial integrity. Swimming against the tide, their unwavering commitment to print proves that the raison d’être of a book can evolve over time.

Manon Mollard, Editor, The Architectural Review

Lars has always taken the greatest care of what Paul Valéry called the “second virtue” of a book: its quality as an object, its “physique.”

Catherine de Smet, Professor of Graphic Design History, University of Paris 8 | Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Lars Müller Publishers combines an exciting publishing program with profound design expertise. The publisher and his team are therefore the ideal partners for all questions concerning books, from conception to design, production, and international distribution.

Christian Brändle, Director, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Since Lars Muller published his first book, his program has been a source of invaluable documentary and critical analysis for the design fields for those of us who study graphic, product, and architectural theory and practice. From reprints and facsimiles to original texts, Lars Muller has filled design libraries with unrivaled and essential content.

Steven Heller, Author, Critic, Co-chair of the MFA Design / Design as Entrepreneur program at the School of Visual Arts, New York City

The architecture culture of today would be a desert without the extraordinary collection of books that have come out of Lars Müller’s presses. Defeating Victor Hugo’s prophecy “This will kill that,” his substantial and seductive volumes have shaped an indispensable body of textual and visual knowledge, which doesn’t replace architectural creation but transcribes and inspires it.

Jean-Louis Cohen, Sheldon H. Solow Professor in the History of Architecture, the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

As Marcel Duchamp said, no matter how valuable something is, it would basically not exist if there were no one to appreciate it. The work of Lars Muller Publishers sheds light on what has not yet been discovered or what has been overlooked.

Yusuke Nakajima, Owner, POST Bookshop, Tokyo

Lars, short for Laurentius, “he who wears the laurel wreath,” is a publisher of caliber and substance. In the course of 38 years, through many ups and downs, he has shown that he has what it takes to produce a wonderful program: a fine instinct for his themes and images, curiosity about the many formats and possibilities for presenting content, and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring his books to the world.

Nicola von Velsen, Publisher, Hatje Cantz

Consistent, uncompromising idealism and quality content combined with outstanding and timeless design has made Lars Muller Publishers a significant contributor towards understanding, advancing, and inspiring our disciplines.

Rachel K.B. Troye, Professor, Head of Institute of Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

LMP is committed to the cause of producing books that are not only beautiful and well-made but which open new areas of discussion in architecture and bring hidden treasure to light. Each stands alone, but together they constitute a phenomenal project.

Chris Foges, Editor, Architecture Today

37 years ago Lars Müller Verlag started as a shining star, enlighting the publishing sky. Our cooperation began immediately. And we have gone all the way with you! Bücherbogen am Savignyplatz is 40 now and still going strong. Dear Lars, we are looking forward to your books to come.

Ruthild Spangenberg and the Bücherbogen crew

Lars Müller is a pillar of the Swiss publishing industry. With his imaginative and bold approach, he has created a gift to the world of publishing. Lars Müller Publishers manage to bridge the gap between art, architecture, and design in a nuanced way throughout the variety of their publications.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries London

I have been a tremendous admirer of Lars Müller and his publishing company since my early career working with Steven Holl on his publications and exhibitions. From Written in Water to the recent Bauhaus panel at the Schindler House,  Lars has remained a crucial and iconic voice in both the historic and contemporary publishing world of architecture and design.

Priscilla Fraser, Director,  MAK Center for Art and Architecture

If I were stuck on a desert island, which book program would I want to have with me? Lars Müller Publishers.

Philip Ursprung, Professor of the History of Art and Architecture, ETH Zurich