Spirale 6/7 (1958)

Internationale Zeitschrift für konkrete Kunst und Gestaltung

spirale 6/7 focuses on poetry and photography, with poems written in Italian, Portuguese and German by authors including Carlo Belloli, Décio Pignatari, Paula Mazetti, Eugen Gomringer and photographs taken by Otl Aicher, Marcel Wyss, and Gérard Ifert. spirale 6/7 also features two comprehensive essays on photography by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Max Bense, documentaries on two architectural projects and several zinc etchings.

Edited by Marcel Wyss, Eugen Gomringer
With photographs by Otl Aicher, Marcel Wyss, Gérard Ifert et al.
With essays by Moholy–Nagy and Max Bense
With contributions by Paula Mazetti, Eugen Gomringer, Décio Pignatari et al.
Design: Marcel Wyss

35 × 35 cm, 13 ¾ × 13 ¾ in
70 pages, 55 illustrations
1958, Spirale No 6/7, German/English/Italian/Portuguese
350,00 €