Radically Digital

Welcome to our new website! We invite you to browse, skim, read, scan, scroll, click, marvel, flip through our pages and bury yourself in our books.

Walk in and let yourself be guided by curiosity. Dive into our collection of architecture, photography and design books, browse our archive, be inspired by our Specialties and Rarities. Just like in a real-life bookstore you can flip pages, get inside views and a real feel of the haptics of our books. We are bringing the analogue reality of our publications to the digital world of the web.

Some of our signature features stay the same: shipping is free – to most parts of the world – and you get your orders within a couple of days. Our books are grouped as before: architecture, art, design, photography and society remain our main categories. Now, though, you have the possibility to search for more specific terms such as typography or Japan (you might know about our enduring interest in the country of the rising sun and its creative thinkers).

Quintessentially new: our website speaks English. Hey – we’re still Zurichois but we’re global and international. And so are you, right?

Another new feature: our stories take you behind the scenes and let you find out more about our books, their authors and editors as well as upcoming projects and events. Did you know we were taking some of our gems on a trip, presenting them in our Nomadic Bookstore at hand-picked spots? First up will be Tommy Kirkegaard’s Antikvariat in Copenhagen. From June 18th, Lars Müller Publishers’ books will be on display and for sale in Tommy’s bookshop. Come by and say hi if you’re in the area!

Our Making Of section lets you witness how our publications come to life when Lars, the authors and the designers arrange the pages, photographs and illustrations on a blank wall in the studio. They select visual material, define the order, crop, chop, re-arrange, kill their darlings. And you can be part of the process.

Some of our authors – like Jasper Morrison, Kenya Hara and Günther Vogt – we’ve been working with for decades. Read more about them and our longstanding relationships in our Interviews and Authors sections. “Decades?” you might be thinking. Lars Müller Publishers turns 33 this year. A reason to celebrate. Read stories surrounding the jubilee and join the celebrations.

Enough said now – we’ll let you take off. Connect with us through FacebookTwitter and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter. Let us know what you think about the new site. (js)