Pour Le Corbusier

René Burri, Juni 1962

In 1962 the young photographer René Burri, on the staff of the renowned photo agency MAGNUM, and known for his reportage and portraits, presented the architect, Le Corbusier, with a fold-out book, made with his own hands, containing photographs dating back to 1953, that he had taken of the architect in various situations.
This very personal gift is now a highly prized original owned by the Corbusier Foundation in Paris. The photographs it contains show Corbusier at the height of his creativity—in conversation, alone in his studio, at the construction site. They also convey the unmistakable atmosphere of his designs. This scrupulous facsimile reproduction comes with a text by René Burri and commentaries by the Corbusier connoisseur and editor Arthur Rüegg.

René Burri, born 1933 in Zürich, is internationally recognized as one of the leading photographers of our time. He is a member of Magnum and lives in Paris.

Edited by Arthur Rüegg

16,5 x 25,3 cm, 84 pages, 33 images, hardback
2006, 978-3-03778-080-0, German/English/French
150,00 €