Ruida Si

Visual Philosophy

Thoughts on I and We

Facing the imminent collapse of the global environment, humans are beginning to realize that there is no future in trying to understand life in terms of a single generation. Humanity must prepare to replace “I” with “we,” defined as the continuity of life as a subject transcending generations and individuals.

This book is an attempt to think graphically about life and the universe. By entrusting our thoughts to the imagination evoked by this series of graphics, or, in other words, to a range of meanings that do not exist in natural language, we can reach out to new speculations that go far beyond language or logic.

Available from January 2022

Author(s): Ruida Si
Foreword by Kenya Hara
Design: Ruida Si

11,8 × 16 cm, 4 ¾ × 6 ¼ in
304 pages, ca 160 illustrations
2022, 978-3-03778-688-8, English
25,00 €