Maxime Guyon


The New Anatomy

Aircraft is a project combining the field of the aviation industry as well as the conventions of the photography medium. Maxime Guyon meticulously dissects various "techno-species" with distinct aerial machinery fragments, leading us to an anthropological visual research. His series is composed of digital photographs of large-scale aerospace subjects, with a specific light treatment that replicates the codes of advertising photography.

Combining the principle of “form follows function” and our post-industrial era as well as its aesthetic, this project reopens a visual discussion that Le Corbusier first introduced in 1935 in his publication Aircraft: The New Vision.

Available from May 2020

Author(s): Maxime Guyon
Edited by Maxime Guyon
With a contribution by Nicolas Nova
Design: Frederik Mahler-Andersen

22 × 28 cm, 8 ½ × 11 in
ca 120 pages, ca 60 illustrations
2020, 978-3-03778-634-5, English/French
30,00 €