"In die Felsen bohren sich Zikadenstimmen"

Zeitgenössische Japanische Fotografie Schweizerische Stiftung für die Photographie Zürich

The 1993 Zurich Festival focused on Japanese art and culture. An exhibition showcased the diversity and vitality of contemporary Japanese photography—which is why not only well-known names but also younger photographers were included. Many of them had never exhibited outside Japan. A remarkably large number of younger Japanese photographers avoid humans as subjects, yet without falling back on classic landscape photography as we know it from picture calendars. They share a preoccupation with the man-made, altered, and in some cases completely artificial landscapes of their country.
This catalogue illustrates many of the photographs exhibited at the time, supplemented by short biographies of the artists.

21 x 27 cm, 55 pages, 22 images, paperback
1993, 978-3-906700-61-8, German
180,00 €