László Moholy-Nagy

Painting, Photography, Film

Bauhausbücher 8

Moholy-Nagy’s efforts to have photography and filmmaking recognized as means of artistic design on the same level as painting are propounded and explained at length. The use of artistic instruments is thus radically reformed. The Hungarian artist makes the case for a functional transformation within the visual arts and for the further development of photographic design options.

Alongside theoretical and technical approaches as well as detailed forays into the broad field of the medium of photography, Moholy-Nagy uses an extensive appendix of illustrations to provide a thorough survey of the numerous possibilities that photographic and cinematic work had in store as early as 1925.

This new English edition appears in original design and with separate commentary.

Available from January

Author(s): László Moholy-Nagy
Edited by Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy (original series), Lars Müller (facsimile edition) in collaboration with Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung
Design: László Moholy-Nagy (original German edition)

18 × 23 cm, 7 × 9 in
134 pages, 100 illustrations
2019, 978-3-03778-587-4, English
40,00 €