Reto Geiser (ed.)

Sigfried Giedion: Liberated Dwelling (Befreites Wohnen)

Sigfried Giedion’s small, but vocal manifesto Befreites Wohnen (1929) is an early manifestation of modernist housing ideology and as such key to the broader understanding of the ambitions of the International Congresses of Modern Architecture (CIAM) and the debate on the industrialization of construction processes and its impact on public housing at the beginning of the twentieth century. An important step in Giedion’s rise as one of the foremost propagators of modern architecture, this manifesto is based on the argumentative power of visual comparisons, and the only book the art historian both authored and designed.

The German facsimile edition of Giedion’s Befreites Wohnen is completed by an English translation and a scholarly essay that anchors the work in the context of its time and suggests the book’s relevance for contemporary architectural discourse.


"The Bible of the Modern Movement, Space, Time and Architecture."  Arquitectura Viva 2019

"The typesetting, writing, layout and images reveal just how exciting the new thinking of modernism was at the time."  Monopol Magazine 2019

This book is also available in German

Author(s): Sigfried Giedion
Edited by Reto Geiser
Design: Sigfried Giedion/Integral Lars Müller

12,5 × 19 cm, 5 × 7 ½ in
100 pages, 86 illustrations
hardback, with separate translation and commentary (96 pages) in transparent slipcase
2019, 978-3-03778-568-3, English
35,00 €