Ashley Simone (ed.)

Michael Webb
Two Journeys

Two Journeys is the first comprehensive monograph on the work of Michael Webb, an artist and trained architect, who operates at the intersection of the two disciplines. The publication assembles sixty years of Webb’s work into a continuously evolving narrative about the multifaceted relationships among the built environment, landscape, and moving vehicles.

The artist’s work investigates these relationships using notions of time, space, and speed, and analogue drawing tools such as pencil and collage, which are often rendered later in oil paint. Webb is widely known for creatively exploring the boundaries of drawing techniques, specifically perspectival projection. Some of his works were created in collaboration with Archigram, an avant-garde group in London, of which he was a co-founder in 1961.

The book features nearly 200 drawings: artistic works rooted in analytical thinking and structured around architectural elements and notational systems. Two Journeys includes essays by Kenneth Frampton and Mark Wigley, amongst others, whose critical perspective alongside texts and commentaries by Webb shed light on an extraordinary body of work.

Edited by Ashley Simone
Foreword by Ashley Simone
With essays by Kenneth Frampton, Michael Sorkin, Mark Wigley, Lebbeus Woods
Design: Integral Lars Müller

21 × 28 cm, 8 ¼ × 11 in
206 pages, 284 illustrations
2018, 978-3-03778-554-6, English
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