Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara (eds.)

Neo-Prehistory — 100 Verbs

Neo Preistoria — 100 Verbi 新先史時代 — 100の動詞

Exist, orient, store, inebriate, measure, exchange, recite, write, think, navigate, love – for Neo-Prehistory designer Andrea Branzi and art director Kenya Hara selected one hundred verbs and connected them to one hundred design objects. The objects range from stone tools used five thousand years ago to fake eyelashes produced in 2016 and let the viewer travel across human history.

The framework is as simple as it is intriguing: words, which relate to actions, which relate to objects. “Navigate” is connected to a reed boat with a bamboo paddle from the 20th century, champagne flutes designed in 1992 are connected to “celebrate”.

Neo-Prehistory is the publication of the same-named exhibition at Triennale di Milano 2016. All the texts in the book are in English, Italian and Japanese.

Author(s): Andrea Branzi, Kenya Hara
Edited by Triennale di Milano
With photographs by Yoshihiko Ueda
Design: Kenya Hara

15,5 x 24 cm, 6 x 9 ½ in
288 pages, 122 illustrations
2016, 978-3-03778-493-8, English/Italian/Japanese
Out of Print