Günther Vogt (ed.)


A Wunderkammer is a classification device that emphatically resists classification. It occupies a liminal netherworld between furniture and room, between the natural and the artificial, between the intimate and the universal. This collection, like the Wunderkammer it considers, is neither monograph, nor catalog, nor book. In three volumes—Collecting, Recording, and Translating—this hybrid collection considers the content and ethos of a Wunderkammer designed by Case Studio VOGT.
Engaging directly with the physical world, picking up specimens, living or not, bringing them home and organizing them, rationally or not. Discovering ever more tangential relations between them.
Putting the tools, methods, and devices that mediate our perception of the landscape to work in the context of field trips. Acknowledging and harnessing the subjective human experience of landscape.
Instrumentalizing idiosyncratic learnings and insights, uncovering the febrile connections between them, and building the common ground upon which they may experience the most unsuspected yet productive and specific syntheses.

Author(s): Mara Katherine Smaby, Nicola Eiffler, Nicole la Hausse de Lalouvière
Edited by Günther Vogt
With essays by Mara Katherine Smaby and Rebecca Bornhauser
Design: Integral Lars Müller

16,5 x 24 cm, 6 ½ x 9 ½ in
296 pages, 367 illustrations
3 cardboard folders with 62 cards, a book with 168 pages, and 2 leporellos
2016, 978-3-03778-489-1, English
78,40 €
98,00 €