Takahiro Kurashima

Poemotion 2

The interactive book object Poemotion 2 is a color sequel to Takahiro Kurashima’s popular title Poemotion 1 from Lars Müller Publishers.

The abstract graphic patterns in this slim volume start to move as soon as the reader overlays them with the special film enclosed: moiré effects create complex shapes, make circles start to spin, and set graphic patterns vibrating. New in Poemotion 2 is the use of color. The observer discovers playfully how optical overlaps between colorful figures and shapes come about, are set in motion, and then disappear again.

Author(s): Takahiro Kurashima
Design: Takahiro Kurashima

17 x 23 cm, 6 ¾ x 9 in
64 pages, 30 illustrations
2019, 978-3-03778-351-1, English
Out of Print