Frédéric Dedelley

Frédéric Dedelley – Design Detective

The designer Frédéric Dedelley illustrates with eight themes and exemplary projects the path from discovering an image in everyday life, archiving it, and reworking it until is transformed into a new object. The book demonstrates in an entertaining way the heart of design: seeing and perceiving. It teaches how to see other images thanthose shown in the media and encourages readers to set up their own libraries of images to serve as starting material for their projects. The book serves as a source of inspiration and guideline for designers and provides insight into the practices of an experienced designer. A portrait by the journalist and curator Ariana Pradal and a comprehensive catalogue raisonné of Dedelley’s work provides information on the famous designer.

Author(s): Frédéric Dedelley
Edited by Ariana Pradal
Design: J. Fracheboud

17 x 22 cm, 6 ¾ x 8 ¾ in
258 pages, 210 illustrations
2008, 978-3-03778-137-1, German/English/French
Out of Print