Ulrike Felsing

Dynamic Identities in Cultural and Public Contexts

This publication studies methods for creating flexible looks for public and cultural institutions. The classic logos normally used by companies are the result of a unique process of compression and abstraction. By contrast, flexible looks do not conceal their diverse components of identity in a logo, forming instead a complex family of symbols from them. In the combination of a basic logo and a family of symbols, the look is in a position to represent the fundamentals (the philosophy of the institution, its program) and the specifics (e.g., temporary exhibitions and events). The author describes the effect and potential of looks and offers the criteria that distinguish fully developed, dynamic looks. Case studies of famous designers such as Karl Gerstner and Ruedi Baur enhance the analysis.

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Author(s): Ulrike Felsing
Edited by Design2context
With an essay by Clemens Bellut
Design: Ilka Flora, Ulrike Felsing

16,5 x 24,0 cm, 6 ½ x 9 ½ in
256 pages, 434 illustrations
2010, 978-3-03778-163-0, English
35,00 €