Heinz and Bodo Rasch (eds.)

Gefesselter Blick

25 kurze Monografien und Beiträge über neue Werbegestaltung

Gefesselter Blick, the captivated gaze, is one of the most important publications on the state of commercial art in the late 1920s. The Rasch brothers invited 25 designers to write brief “monographs and contributions.” Their publication launches a radical reversal of classic advertising design. The most revolutionary artists of the time are represented.

Reprint 1996

Edited by Heinz Rasch, Bodo Rasch

21 x 26.5 cm,, 8¼ x 10¾
112 pages, 140 illustrations
1996, 978-3-907044-02-5, German
45,00 €