New Website, New Font, Neubau

After having been faithful to Helvetica for basically forever Lars Müller Publishers has decided to break fresh ground and go for the typeface Neubau Akademie for its new website. However, the aesthetics and the approach stay the same.

Despite our love for and extensive use of Helvetica as well as our books on the typeface we decided to break out in a new direction. We chose to use a new font for the redesign of our website: NB Akademie. The grotesque typeface kills two birds with one stone: its clean look and surprisingly restrained appeal suits our aesthetics and the font is web compliant. NB Akademie is specifically designed to be used for both print and online media whereas the various Helvetica re-drawings adapted to technical challenges and changing commercial requirements make it difficult to achieve a visual consistency among different media. Plus we simply love NB Akademie.