Piet Mondrian

New Design – Neoplasticism, Nieuwe Beelding

Bauhausbücher 5

Although Piet Mondrian was not an active member of the Bauhaus, his name is often mentioned in connection with the art school. Starting with a philosophical foray in which he describes art as a figurative expression of human existence, Mondrian embeds his concept of a New Design in the various forms of artistic expression. He looks into the question of whether there is a prevailing hierarchy between painting and architecture and dares to take a far-reaching look at the future of neoplasticism.

Harry Holtzman's renowned translations of Mondrian's five essays on New Design apepar in this volume in a complete compilation for the first time. The publication is true to the content and design of the German first edition of 1925.

Available from January

Author(s): Piet Mondrian
Edited by Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy (original series), Lars Müller (facsimile edition) in collaboration with Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung
Design: László Moholy-Nagy (original German edition)

18 × 23 cm, 7 × 9 in
68 pages
2019, 978-3-03778-586-7, English
30,00 €