Off to Lisbon

The Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa will open its doors on October 5th. We'll be hosting our third Nomadic Bookstore and launch the official publication The Form of Form.

Under the title The Form of Form the 4th edition of the Lisbon Triennale sets out to further the debate around a wide spectrum of contemporary approaches to architectural practice today. In other words: to debate the ways in which the world is transformed.

The triennial seeks to highlight currents of thought considered important for the production of architecture in a social context that is in constant transformation. Structured around four core exhibitions, the program highlights the challenges that architects face today. The different perspectives on architecture are presented through their aesthetic, technical, social and political aspects.

The official publication of the Lisbon Triennale, The Form of Form, is published by Lars Müller Publishers. The book considers a variety of ideas regarding form, not only through aesthetic and technological approaches, but also from social and political positions. What is architectural form? What does architectural form mean? And why is it so significant today? The Form of Form aims to find answers to these and many more questions regarding the responsibilities of architecture today.

After all the tensions and frictions that happen during the physical and social transformations of our cities and landscapes, when all the fuss is over, and the different agents who contributed to change have left the field of play, what is left is a built form. Citizens live among forms; architectural forms have endured from the past and they will populate the future.

The Form of Form will be launched on October 5th at 6pm at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.