Bettina Richter, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (eds.)

Jörg Hamburger – Georg Staehelin

Poster Collection 29

Jörg Hamburger – Georg Staehelin, the 29th edition of the Poster Collection series, is the first comprehensive tribute to the same-named Swiss designers. Connected by a passion for precision and detail, the two graduates of Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel share a creative attitude that continues and reformulates the legacy of Swiss Style.

Their posters manifest a reduced yet poetic-sensuous expression while challenging intellectually. In particular the posters advertising exhibitions convey complex contents in a puristic and timeless manner. The creations by Hamburger are characterized by a more pronounced adherence to tradition, while Staehelin’s experimental openness often leads to surprising results. The joint works of the two reveal the mutual appreciation and fruitfulness of their professional exchange. Their sensitively developed posters for the Museum für Gestaltung, Museum of Design, in Zurich reflect an inspiring combination of graphic design principles and a pure delight in creativity.

Poster Collection is an ongoing series, which is realized in collaboration with the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich. All posters featured in the series are part of the archive of the museum. Every edition is devoted to a specific subject or designer. This edition is the first one dedicated to two artists.

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Edited by Bettina Richter, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
With an essay by Claude Lichtenstein
Design: Integral Lars Müller

16,5 × 24 cm, 6 ½ × 9 ½ in
96 pages, 101 illustrations
2017, 978-3-03778-536-2, German/English
25,00 €