Swiss Institute (ed.)

Franz Gertsch – Polyfocal Allover

The Swiss artist Franz Gertsch (1930-2022) is a leading figure of photorealist painting. For over five decades, he has created monumental portraits of charismatic youths and meditative depictions of nature in vivid and painstaking detail.

Polyfocal Allover surveys Gertsch's paintings from 1970 to 1982 and woodcut prints from 1979 to 2019, reflecting a vision in which all that lies within the frame is accorded equal value. The essays, interviews, and conversations in this publication bring further definition to the lives and landscapes Gertsch renders with such virtuosic, eerie precision.

Edited by Swiss Institute
With essays by Tobia Bezzola, Eva Kenny, Timothy Leary, Dieter Roelstraete
Design: Karma

15,2 × 22,2 cm, 6 × 8 ¾ in
236 pages, 116 illustrations
2020, 978-3-03778-656-7, English
30,00 €