Christa de Carouge – Habit Habitat

Just as no one changes their home without good reason, Carouge's timeless creations are designed to last. The materials are of the finest quality, the color is almost always black, occasionally red or white. Silk is her preferred fabric, even for heavy-duty garments. Subtle folds and throws enclose the wearer's form. No buttons, no hooks. The simplicity of forms, the precious fabrics and the life-style and life-sense that go with these are much desired today. And overwhelmingly successful.

The architecture expert, Werner Blaser, goes into the background that applies here, and with a sideways glance at Mies van der Rohe's leaning toward reduction and the sentitive material collages of Le Corbusier, he explores the way in which Christa de Carouge's philosophy meets a particular need of people today, whose clothes must have identity, and combine comfort with aesthetics.

"Clothing as housing, the shell in which we live and breathe." That was the credo of the cosmopolitan fashion designer, Christa de Carouge (1936-2018), who had roots in both Geneva and Zurich.

Edited by Werner Blaser, Lars Müller
Design: Integral Lars Müller

Special Edition
24 × 26 cm, 9 ½ × 10 ¼ in
216 pages, 180 illustrations
Limited special edition with silk scarf, signed and numbered
2000, 978-3-907078-38-9, German
400,00 €