The Richard Buckminster Fuller Cooking Challenge

This competition has ended – thank you all for participating! The winners are:

Round One ("The Noodles") : Alice Poma

Round Two ("The Pine") : Esther Butterworth

Round Three ("The Muffin") : Sean Conley

Round Four ("The Ice Cream"): Katja & Matty Flükiger-Ingram

And what was it all about?

In July 1981, Synergetic Stew, Explorations in Dymaxion Dining was presented to R. Buckminster ("Bucky") Fuller at his surprise 86th birthday party at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. In July 2020, Lars Müller published a limited facsimile edition of this delightful collection of recipes, sketches and anecdotes at the occasion of Bucky's 125th birthday. To order a copy, click here.

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