Lars Müller Publishers focuses on the integration of architectural themes into contexts of future-oriented discussion. Planning, process, method and examples are the key concerns in our current publications on architecture, landscape architecture and urban development, rather than monographs or ephemeral whims of the Zeitgeist. We cooperate with the Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), Princeton University School of Architecture (SoA), Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation GSAPP, ETH Zürich, Department of Architecture, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and other high-flying institutions – besides outstanding agents of the discipline in practice and academia.

One of the publisher’s longstanding interests is to document seminal attitudes that have shaped the history and development of architecture. The emphasis is on historical figures, posthumous monographs, and major movements and events.

Richard Plunz
25,00 €
Columbia University GSAPP, David Benjamin (ed.)
35,00 €
Mohsen Mostafavi (ed.)
35,00 €
Stephen Cairns, Devisari Tunas (eds.)
30,00 €
Mark C. Fishman
45,00 €
Mark Lee, Sharon Johnston, Sarah Hearne, Letizia Garzoli (eds.)
40,00 €
80,00 €
Storefront for Art and Architecture
20,00 €
Mohsen Mostafavi (ed.)
35,00 €
Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou
40,00 €
104,00 €
230,00 €