Analogue Reality

Last weekend the Analogue Reality exhibition opened its doors to visitors in Shanghai. Before the opening Lars ran a workshop with the aim of redesigning Lars Müller Publishers book covers for the Chinese market.

How does a Chinese designer interpret the question “Who owns the water?” and translate it into a graphic image? What does Lukas Felzmann’s Swarm trigger in a creative’s mind looking at it from the viewpoint of the Far East country? The workshop Lars ran with designers and design students from all over China was devoted to these questions. The task was to redesign one of the Lars Müller Publishers book covers for the Chinese market and to translate the complex content of the books into a visually pleasing eye catcher.

Twenty creatives – thirteen students and seven professionals – spent three days developing concepts, collecting and drafting ideas, sketching, drawing, designing. Lars guided them through the process and mentored their work. The results are an inspiring and insightful collection of book covers as diverse as their creators.

Some students chose to use graphics and images, others followed the tradition of Lars Müller’s practice and decided to work with typography. One student reduced the multifaceted content and message of The Face of Human Rights to two simple signs meaning the individual and the masses leaving plenty of room for thought and creating yet another layer.