Allan Wexler
Ashley Simone

Allan Wexler
Absurd Thinking

Between Art and Design

This book features projects, developed during the artist Allan Wexler’s forty-five-year career, which mediate the gap between fine and applied art using the mediums of architecture, sculpture, photography, painting, and drawing. Wexler's production can be broadly described as tactile poetry composed by re-framing the ordinary with the intention of sustaining a narrative about landscape, nature, and the built environment that highlights the intriguing and surprising characteristics latent in the elements and rituals that pervade daily life. His work demonstrates a commitment to re-evaluating basic assumptions about our relationship to the built and natural environments.

Organized thematically across four categories—abstraction, landscape, private space, and public places—this publication is a richly illustrated cross section of Wexler’s multi-scale, multi-media work, featuring his own writings, narratives, and reflections.

Edited by Ashley Simone
Design: Integral Lars Müller

21 x 28 cm, 8 ¼ x 11 in
296 pages, ca 300 illustrations
2017, 978-3-03778-516-4, English
45,00 €