Some publications have special editions. Single copies are available here.

  1. Holocaust Memorial Berlin
    Holocaust Memorial Berlin

    Text by Peter Eisenman and Hanno Rauterberg
    Photographs by Hélène Binet and Lukas Wassmann 

    24 x 30 cm, 120 pages, 65 illustrations, Special Edition with concrete cover wrapped in felt, signed

    ISBN 978-3-03778-056-5, e

  2. Snow

    Limited special edition (25 copies) in aluminum box, signed, with a photograph by Thomas Flechtner

  3. Jazz Blvd.
    Jazz Blvd.
    Niklaus Troxler Posters

    Poster “Jazz Blvd.”, 1999, Weltformat 90,5 x 128 cm, with book “Jazz Blvd.”, both numbered and signed, 250 copies

  4. “Click!”, said the camera
    “Click!”, said the camera

    12,5 x 12 cm, b/w-photograph, with book, numbered and signed, 30 copies

  5. White Garden
    Bernard Voïta
    White Garden

    Paradoxically arranged rooms, fictional architecture, suggestive spaces. Bernard Voïta's photographs are the work of a sculptor exploring three-dimensional space and two-dimensional representation. His constructions are optical illusions. With humor and playful irony they challenge us to decipher them. The publication traces an artist's development and documents his entire oeuvre since 1987.

    Untitled, 1995, b/w-photograph, 30 x 40 cm, in folder with book, numbered and signed, 25 copies

    ISBN 978-3-907078-06-8

  6. Shades of Time
    Annelies Strba
    Shades of Time

    “Sonja with Samuel-Maria”, 1994

    Color photograph, mounted on glass, 35 x 24 cm, in folder with book
    numbered and signed
    30 copies