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  1. Wunderlust/Wanderkammer
    Webshop exclusive
    Günther Vogt

    Authors: Mara Katherine Smaby, Nicola Eiffler, Nicole la Hausse de Lalouvière. With two essays by Mara Katherine Smaby and Rebecca Bornhauser.

    A Wunderkammer is a classification device that emphatically resists classification. It occupies a liminal netherworld between furniture and room, between the natural and the artificial, between the intimate and the universal.

    This collection, like the Wunderkammer it considers, is neither monograph, nor catalog, nor book. In three volumes – Collecting, Recording, and Translating – this hybrid collection considers the content and ethos of a Wunderkammer designed by Case Studio VOGT.

    COLLECTING Engaging directly with the physical world, picking up specimens, living or not, bringing them home and organizing them, rationally or not. Discovering ever more tangential relations between them.

    RECORDING Putting the tools, methods, and devices that mediate our perception of the landscape to work in the context of field trips. Acknowledging and harnessing the subjective human experience of landscape.

    TRANSLATING Instrumentalizing idiosyncratic learnings and insights, uncovering the febrile connections between them, and building the common ground upon which they may experience the most unsuspected yet productive and specific syntheses.

    17 x 24,6 cm, 6 ¾ x 9 ½ in, 3 cardboard folders with 62 cards, a book with 168 pages, and 2 leporellos, all highly illustrated

    ISBN 978-3-03778-489-1, Engl

    Günther Vogt

    Günther Vogt, born 1957, landscape architect. Studied at the Interkantonales Technikum Rapperswil, Switzerland. From 1995 joint owner of Kienast Vogt Partner. Since 2000 owner of Vogt Landscape Architects, Zurich, Munich (2002–2010), London (2008), and Berlin (2010). Since 2005 Professor for Landscape Architecture at the ETH, Zurich. 2007–2011 head of the Netzwerk Stadt und Landschaft (NSL) at ETH Zurich. Since 2010 owner of case studio VOGT.

  2. Noonday limited edition
    Noonday limited edition

    The artist Annelies Štrba, best known for photographs of her children, now brings us in Noonday pictures of her grandchildren. In this “noonday dream” (a reference to Emily Brontë), we encounter a host of fairytale creatures, playing, sleeping, or dreaming. The viewer is drawn in and becomes part of this reverie, which is interspersed with images of everyday family life, travel, and game-playing. While the images in the artist’s previous series, Shades of Time (1997), were raw and direct, Noonday glows with the ease of a summer afternoon and yet still leaves us with the melancholy certainty that the days of childhood pass by much too fast.

    17.3 × 24 cm, 6 ¾ × 9 ½ in, 336 pages, 295 images, hardcover (2015)
    in embossed box with signed picture (6 x 9.5 in)

    ISBN 978-3-03778-470-9

  3. Holocaust Memorial Berlin
    Holocaust Memorial Berlin

    Text by Peter Eisenman and Hanno Rauterberg
    Photographs by Hélène Binet and Lukas Wassmann 

    24 x 30 cm, 120 pages, 65 illustrations, Special Edition with concrete cover wrapped in felt, signed

    ISBN 978-3-03778-056-5, e

  4. Snow

    Limited special edition (25 copies) in aluminum box, signed, with a photograph by Thomas Flechtner

  5. Jazz Blvd.
    Jazz Blvd.
    Niklaus Troxler Posters

    Poster “Jazz Blvd.”, 1999, Weltformat 90,5 x 128 cm, with book “Jazz Blvd.”, both numbered and signed, 250 copies

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