The press has published a number of facsimile editions of outstanding magazines and others publications of 1920s and 30s avant-garde. A few archive copies are available especially for collectors and libraries.

  1. ABC
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    Contributions on Building – a magazine

    Edited by Hans Schmidt, Mart Stam, El Lissitzky and Emil Roth

    This important Swiss contribution (1924–1928) to the history of the avant-garde took a radical, volatile, and entertaining stand on current developments in architecture and construction. Poetry by Majakovsky was printed alongside scientific articles on technical innovations. ABC thrived on provocative contradictions!

    26 x 36 cm, boxed. Reprint ABC, First Series: 1–6, Second Series: 1–4, Separate commentary, 55 pages

    ISBN 978-3-906700-63-1, g/e

  2. Vesc’ Objet Gegenstand
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    Vesc’ Objet Gegenstand

    Edited by El Lissitzky and Ilja Ehrenburg, Berlin, 1922

    Although it lasted for only two issues, March/ April and May, 1922, and was written largely in Russian, “Vesc’” exercised an enormous influence on other contem-porary periodicals. With the revival of interest in the Russian avant-garde, the magazine – or rather El Lissitzky’s cover design – has attracted renewed attention. Now, for the first time, the extraordinary contents of this short-lived magazine are made accessible in annotated translations and summaries.

    25 x 34 cm, boxed. No. 1/2 and 3. Separate commentary, 144 pages, b+w illustrations

    ISBN 978-3-906700-62-3, e/g

  3. Max Burchartz 1887– 961
    Max Burchartz 1887– 961
    Typografische Arbeiten 1924–1931

    Edited by Jörg Stürzebecher

    26 x 34 cm, boxed with 19 supplementary sheets and a catalog A4 with 80 pages, 99 b/w and 18 colored illustrations

    ISBN 978-3-906700-59-3, g

  4. Hannes Meyer Architekt
    Hannes Meyer Architekt

    Edited by Martin Kieren and Claude Lichtenstein

    With a text by Adolf Behne

    26 x 36.5 cm, in a box, with texts by Meyer, a selection of the magazine "bauhaus", documentation of the construction of ADGB-Bundesschule in Bernau/Berlin, (1990)

    ISBN 978-3-906700-23-2, g