Our publishing house focuses on the integration of architectural themes into contexts of future-oriented discussion. Planning, process, method, and examples are the keywords of our current publications; rather than monographs or ephemeral whims of the Zeitgeist. We cooperate with the Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal, The New Museum, New York, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Princeton University School of Design.

  1. Sauerbruch Hutton Archive 2
    Pre-order now (shippable February 2016)
    Louisa Hutton, Matthias Sauerbruch
    Sauerbruch Hutton Archive 2

    Lars Mueller presents a second major monograph on Sauerbruch Hutton, Archive 2 that follows on from the previous Archive that recorded the practice’s work from its inception in 1989 to 2006. Archive 2 includes detailed descriptions of 70 works from the period between 2006 and 2015 as well as 6 essays by the architects and a complete register of all projects.

    The current compendium traces the development of the office’s architectural practice and thinking through a series of completed buildings, works in progress and projects that, as yet, remain unrealised. The book illuminates its strategies of sustainable design, its multiple interventions in the post-industrial cityscape and the unfolding of an architectural language full of sense and sensuality that reacts to its physical and social context, as well as to functional, technical, spatial and sculptural considerations.

    The book reveals Sauerbruch and Hutton’s understanding of their profession as an ongoing process of research into presence and future, and is the only comprehensive documentation of their numerous works.

    9 ½ x 11 ¾ in, ca. 416 Pages, Hardcover (2015)

    ISBN 978-3-03778-389-4

    €60.00 / $66.00 / £43.00
    Louisa Hutton

    Louisa Hutton graduated from Bristol University in 1980 and from the Architectural Association, London, in 1985. She worked for Alison and Peter Smithson (1985-1988) prior to founding LHMS Architects with Matthias Sauerbruch in 1989. Their second office Sauerbruch Hutton Architects was opened in Berlin in 1993. Further to her work as architect she has been lecturing at numerous universities and institutions worldwide, and has acted as External Examiner for various UK universities (1995-2009). Louisa Hutton was a Commissioner for CABE, UK’s Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (2003-2007). Louisa taught at the Architectural Association (1987-1990), she was a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia and since 2008 is visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate Design School. Since 2008 she is a member of the Curatorial Board of the Schelling Architecture Foundation. Together with Matthias Sauerbruch she has been awarded the Erich Schelling Prize for Architecture in 1998 and the Fritz Schumacher Prize in 2003.

    Matthias Sauerbruch

    Matthias Sauerbruch graduated from both the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, and the Architectural Association, London, in 1984. From 1984 to 1988 he was a partner and project leader for OMA London. In 1989, together with Louisa Hutton, he founded LHMS Architects in London: their second office Sauerbruch Hutton Architects was opened in Berlin in1993. In 2006 Matthias became a member of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin and in 2007 was a founding member of DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council. Following five years of teaching at the Architectural Association (1985-1990), Matthias was professor at both the Technical University in Berlin (1995-2001) and the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart (2001-2007). In 2006 Matthias was Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia and since 2008 he is visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate Design School. Since 2009 he has been a Fellow of the Institute for Urban Design in New York as well Head of the Advisory Board at ANCB, Aedes Network Campus Berlin. Together with Louisa Hutton he has been awarded the Erich Schelling Prize for Architecture in 1998 and the Fritz Schumacher Prize in 2003.

  2. Speculations Transformations
    Pre-order now (shippable January 2016)
    Speculations Transformations

    How are changing conditions in society likely to affect Germany’s built environment? What are the catalysts for transformation in its cities and regions? Speculation Transformation is devoted to the social and spatial transformations that Germany will face in the future, speculating on their architectural consequences: What is it like to live in a city where the currency is watts instead of euros? What would happen if Hamburg’s harbor were to be filled in as reclaimed land? Who is living in the Maintropolis? What would be the spatial consequences if Germany were to measure its economic strength based on the well-being of its citizens?

    This publication combines different approaches to a future-oriented, interdisciplinary interpretation of Germany as a human habitat, which help to open up new directions in the design of cities and landscapes. An atlas of architectural culture with contributions by Thomas Auer, Armen Avanessian, Stefan Bergheim, Matthjs Bouw, Armin Linke, Erik Swyngedouw, as well as numerous interviews and memos. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the German Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR).

    21 x 29,7 cm, ca. 264 Seiten, ca. 100 Bilder, Hardcover (2016)

    ISBN 978-3-03778-478-5, e

    €39.00 / $45.00 / £25.00

    €39.00 / $45.00 / £29.00

  3. Reading Structures: 39 Projects and Built Works
    Pre-order now (shippable December 2015)
    Reading Structures: 39 Projects and Built Works

    This monograph presents 39 complex structures by the Princeton University professor and structural engineer Guy Nordenson. The body of work, developed with architects and artists including Raimund Abraham, Henry N. Cobb, Steven Holl, Michael Maltzan, Richard Meier, SANAA, and many others, reveals Nordenson’s unique contributions to a progressive collaborative design process as both engineer and designer. The structures in this volume span twenty-eight years, from his early work with Paul Weidlinger, to his formation of the New York office of Ove Arup & Partners, through the first 13 years since the 1998 establishment of his current independent practice, Guy Nordenson and Associates.

    The volume is organized around three thematic sections: Engineering Ephemera, Simply Supported, and Building History. It includes Nordenson’s essays on these themes, as well as his individual project descriptions chronicling the vision and challenges of each. Barry Bergdoll, architectural historian, curator, and critic, provides an introduction.

    11.8 x 9.5 inches, 376 pages
    840 images, hardback cover, 2016

    ISBN 978-3-03778-472-3

    €50.00 / $60.00 / £37.00
  4. Kiyonori Kikutake – Between Land and Sea
    Kiyonori Kikutake – Between Land and Sea

    Harvard University Graduate School of Design

    Edited by Ken Tadashi Oshima

    For more than half a century, visionary architect Kiyonori Kikutake (1928–2011) pursued Metabolic architecture, embracing forces of renewal, recycling, and transformation. This volume, the first comprehensive assessment of Kikutake in the English language, highlights his lifelong creation of a constantly evolving platform for living, floating above land and sea through pivotal works including the Sky House, Hotel Tōkōen, the Izumo Administration Building, and the urban scale of his ongoing Marine/Ocean City project, spanning from the late 1950s to today. Abundantly illustrated with archival drawings, period and contemporary photographs, this volume provides compelling perspectives on the practices, discourses, and production contexts of Kikutake’s work as well as the architecture and urbanism of postwar Japan. Critical essays and analysis feature Kikutake’s own writings, perspectives of disciples including Toyō Itō and new scholarship that situates Kikutake within an international context and as a vital inspiration for Japanese architectural practice today.

    9.8 x 8.1 inches, 208 pages
    ca. 200 images, hardcover

    ISBN 978-3-03778-432-7

    €50.00 / $50.00 / £37.00
  5. Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others
    Julian Charrière, Eric Ellingsen, Julius von Bismarck
    Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others

    Pigeon languages our cities. When a speckled grey pigeon is trapped by artists and spray-painted in a miniature car wash, and released as an ultramarine green pigeon streaking through a public space, what happens to the "flying rat"? How do we really know we have seen what we think we have seen? How is our perception always trapped and released?

    Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others began as an artwork by Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charrière and is now a book which treats the on-going art work as a breeding ground for more wild zones of contact with poets, philosophers, historians, architects, and other species. It is a poetry and prose anthology featuring creative writing made in dialogue with individual painted pigeons; a theoretical and critical space designed by philosophers and historians of science redefining our relationship to the world and history in a non-human-centered way; an urban manifesto evolving ideas on the role of public domains and the encounter with contemporary art today.

    With contributions by Ben Marcus, CA Conrad, Craig Dworkin, Lyn Hejinian, Marjorie Welish, Juliana Spahr, Ian Bogost, David Graham Burnett, Claudia Roden, Olafur Eliasson, and many others.

    21 x 24,7 cm, 8 ¼ x 9 ¾ in, 192 pages, 78 images, Hardcover (2015)

    ISBN 978-3-03778-465-5, e

    €50.00 / $50.00 / £37.00
    Julian Charrière JULIUS VON BISMARCK and JULIAN CHARRIÈRE are visual artists. They both graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin as Meisterschüler under the professorship of Olafur Eliasson and currently work and live in Berlin. Eric Ellingsen ERIC ELLINGSEN is an architect, landscape architect, and philosopher. He opened Species of Spaces in 2009 as a platform for the artistic entanglement of spatial experimentation. He currently teaches at The Art Institute, Chicago. Julius von Bismarck JULIUS VON BISMARCK and JULIAN CHARRIÈRE are visual artists. They both graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin as Meisterschüler under the professorship of Olafur Eliasson and currently work and live in Berlin.
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