1. The Isms of Art 1914–1924 Reprint 1990
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    The Isms of Art 1914–1924 Reprint 1990
    1914–1924, Reprint 1990

    Edited by Hans Arp and El Lissitzky 

    This surprising collection of “isms” ranks among the most important publications on avant-garde art in the 1920s. Hans Arp and El Lissitzky took a refreshing, frankly opinionated inventory of artistic attitudes and movements from 1914 to 1924. Lissitzky’s exuberant design of the book epitomizes the style of the times.

    With an essay by Alois M. Müller

    14.5 × 26.5 cm, 5¾ x 10½ in, 48 pages, 75 illustrations, hardcover (1999)

    ISBN 978-3-906700-28-1, e/g/f

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  2. ABC
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    Contributions on Building – a magazine

    Edited by Hans Schmidt, Mart Stam, El Lissitzky and Emil Roth

    This important Swiss contribution (1924–1928) to the history of the avant-garde took a radical, volatile, and entertaining stand on current developments in architecture and construction. Poetry by Majakovsky was printed alongside scientific articles on technical innovations. ABC thrived on provocative contradictions!

    26 x 36 cm, boxed. Reprint ABC, First Series: 1–6, Second Series: 1–4, Separate commentary, 55 pages

    ISBN 978-3-906700-63-1, g/e

  3. Vesc’ Objet Gegenstand
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    Vesc’ Objet Gegenstand

    Edited by El Lissitzky and Ilja Ehrenburg, Berlin, 1922

    Although it lasted for only two issues, March/ April and May, 1922, and was written largely in Russian, “Vesc’” exercised an enormous influence on other contem-porary periodicals. With the revival of interest in the Russian avant-garde, the magazine – or rather El Lissitzky’s cover design – has attracted renewed attention. Now, for the first time, the extraordinary contents of this short-lived magazine are made accessible in annotated translations and summaries.

    25 x 34 cm, boxed. No. 1/2 and 3. Separate commentary, 144 pages, b+w illustrations

    ISBN 978-3-906700-62-3, e/g



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